The Mysterious Ms. I. D. Vide in Newton's Nemesis, No. 1

The second printing is still available for purchase in single copies or in sets of 5, for use in classroom centers. The 20-page comic book is standard sized glossy paper, primarily in gray scale and black & white.

I'm currently testing the 2nd printing in 5th grade classrooms and hope to have a3rd printing in color by spring. If you purchase one, please give me feedback to improve the project!  Or you can reserve a the a copy of the 3rd printing at no cost.

Watermark Cover

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Newton's Nemesis, No. 1, Single Purchase  $5 USD

The comic book will be shipped for a flat rate of $5.

Newton's Nemesis, No. 1, Set of 5: $25 USD

The set will be shipped at a flat rate of $5

Reserve a Class Set

Help me plan for the next printing by requesting copies.  No money or commitment.  I'll send an email when they are available!

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