The Story

Theo started his first job -- watching a puppy named Newton. The only problem: Newton lived next to a strange woman in a creepy house at the end of the street.

What did he hear? She had a spell?

She needed a doggie bone?!?

Who was that woman named Ms. I. D. Vide?

Theo's precocious little sister might be a pest, but her 2nd grade division homework might just hold the answer to why you flip and multiply!

The Art

I'm working with a talented young artist at Columbus State University, Mr. Nathan Long, who is now working on Newton's Nemesis, No. 2.  


The Math

Newton's Nemesis is aligned to 5th Grade Common Core Standards for Mathematics, focusing primarily on understanding dividing with fractions. But since I love geometry, I had to include a few fun activities using quadrilaterals and the coordinate plane!

Watch a video preview

It's a two minute introduction to Newton's Nemesis!

When I was a child, I would search for hidden objects in my doctor's office copy of Highlights, and loved my mother's magazine, Dell's Puzzles & Word Games.  Now I get to make puzzles and games for kids!

More Activities

The story is only the first step to learning how to divide by fractions.

As the artwork is created, I am developing supplements such as worksheets, games and puzzles that reinforce the concepts in Newton's Nemesis.