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Great News: 500 Math Comic Books will go to low income schools!

With more than 10 days to go, our fundraising has already guaranteed at least 500 copies of Newton’s Nemesis will go to low income schools.

In mid February we started to raise funds to donate the first issue of our mystery math comic book to schools that need help raising math scores. Our Kickstarter Campaign will end on March 14th (Pi Day!), but we’ve already reached 100% of our goal!

The illustrator started the work to add color to the cover, and look at the results!

New Color Added to the Cover of Issue 1

In addition to adding color to the first issue of Newton’s Nemesis, we’ll be donating 500 copies to low income schools in our area. I’ll be providing free professional development workshops to the schools, just like I did with the successful testing we did this summer.

But now, the comic books will be in full color!

So to all fraction comic book fans and our Kickstarter investors, “THANK YOU!”

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