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Guide for Parents & Teachers

This guide has activities and prompts for math journals that illuminate all the math in Newton's Nemesis and how it is tied to the Common Core Standards for the 5th Grade.

Find the Coordinates!

Introduce plotting coordinates with this set of worksheets based on Newton's neighborhood.  Challenge students to learn our hero's secret code for planning meeting secret meetings!

This is a Free Download.

You say Divide -Worksheet


Students color strip models and use other area models to illustrate how dividing by a whole number is the same as multiplying by a unit fraction.

This is a two-page printable worksheet with possible solutions.



A new game for Part 1 of Newton's Nemesis

Why use a worksheet to reinforce concepts when you can play a board game?  Students who know that "1 ÷ 4" is equivalent to "1/4 of 1" and "1 x 1/4" will win.  But if they take a chance at the wrong time, they might go backwards!

Download, print and laminate and you're ready to go! This is only one variation.  Four are in the Worksheet & Game Packet combo below.


Games Packet

IMG_20181115_131245 (1)

Chance It or Count It! has four variations! Print each and slip them into plastic covers for class-wide game play.  Student groups can rotate between games or use in centers activities.   It's a digital down load so add spinners or number cubes, along with colorful paper clips or counters as game pieces.

Writing it Out

Students re-write story problems with whole number division as a multiplication problem using a unit fraction. Contains a one-page printable worksheet with possible solutions.


Equal Operations

Equal Ops

A puzzle that asks students to make use the symbols "×", "÷" and "of" to create equivalent expressions.

Newton's Note Cards

Students write notes to any of the characters in Newton's Nemesis to ask questions, explain concept and develop their writing skills.  A fun way to interject math prompts!


Worksheet & Games Packet

This package includes all the games and worksheets for Newton’s Nemesis Part 1.  These include all of the free resources plus those available at a nominal charge above.

Resources include:

  • Find the Coordinates (3 pages)
  • Writing it Out (2 pages)
  • Equal Ops (2 pages)
  • You say "Divide" (4 pages)
  • Chance It or Count It! (6 pages - 4 variations for class-wide game play or centers activities),
  • Newton's Note Cards (2 pages)
  • Make Your Own Comic (1 blank comic page).